(2-4 Player) Pirates Plague - Battle of the caribbean

Virtual Reality Escape Room: Pirates Plague - Battlle of the caribbean

You and your crew have been cursed and transformed into fishmen! The only cure is locked deep within a mysterious temple located on a remote island — but time is running out!

  • Solve engaging puzzles in an ancient temple
  • Difficulty 4 of 7!
  • Fight a final boss!
  • Pick different classes!
  • A must-play for every action fan!

A group photo at the end of the game! If possible, also a short video of you playing!

Duration1 Hour
ParticipantsSpectators free of charge
Important information

Please be 5-10 minutes early.

You'll get a short introduction on how to use the virtual reality gear. If possible, don't tie your hair up in a high ponytail, wear big glasses or make-up.

You cannot play under the influence of any kind of drug or alcohol.


Virtual Escape Salzburg
Linzer Bundesstraße 33, Salzburg, Österreich
Parking area available for 3 cars
Bus stop: Minnesheimstraße (Line 4, 10, 23) and Turnerstraße (Line 130, 131, 140)

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Virtual Escape Salzburg
- Salzburg

Further information

The adventure is for 2 - 4 players and lets you fight the dangers of the seven seas as part of a pirate crew. You'll need to think smart and prove your cleverness!


You and your pirate crew have fallen victim to a curse and have been transformed into fishmen! The only cure is locked deep within a temple on a remote island — but time is running out!

But first, you need to take your place within the crew. Pick from diffrent classes with unique abilities and gear up for the fight against enemy ships and dangerous sea creatures!


Are you and your team up for the task?

How it works:

You can interact with almost every object in the game, analyse and decide what you need to solve the riddles!

For the adventure we created a VR-Zone, which you can enter with the help of the HTC VIVE PRO wireless.

Trust us, there's an enormous adventure waiting for you!

Available for 2 - 4 players.


Buckle up and start playing!

€35.00 €39.00
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